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The Real Deal on Whey Isolate
The Real Deal on Whey Isolate
Keith Steele Gavazzi

Let’s face the facts here,  Fitness is about more than vanity.  Undertaking a training program means more than chasing a six pack.  It mean that you have goals and the inner drive to commit to realize them.  At root, the entire endeavor is all about goal setting and goal achievement.  This means creating a vision in your head of where you want, no, NEED to be in a determined period of time and then picking the shortest distance or straightest line from where you’re at to where that vision will take you.  So let’s face it, we’re driven to success and we have ZERO time for obstacles.  Fortunately we live in an era of unprecedented human scientific achievement!  We have the nutritional science to help you achieve your goals more efficiently than ever before.  Unfortunately, the modern bodybuilder or strength athlete is also faced with what amounts to a tyranny of choice.  It seems that every player in the supplement industry is constantly hucking the “next best thing” complete with slick marketing campaigns, photoshopped before-and-after pictures, and nonsensical graphs.  I’m incredibly proud as an athlete to represent American Pure Whey, because here we’re not about the latest fitness fad, we’re about results.  So, in the no-nonsense spirit of this commitment I wanted to take some time this week to hash out the basics of how Whey Isolate can help you to achieve your goals.

Why Whey Isolate?

 First let’s consider the benefits of Whey Isolate.  Without getting to deep into specifics, It’s a pretty basic fact that Whey Protein in general is extremely beneficial to a nutritional regimen for a training athlete.  When you go all out and train hard you’re doing some pretty serious damage to your muscles.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, afterall it’s the stimulus that forces them to grow and become stronger.  However,  the real trick to making progress in strength sports is most effectively recovering from these workouts so that you keep making progress and can train even harder.  This is where Whey comes in.  Whey protein has an exceptionally complete Amino Acid profile, meaning that the protein contains all of the amino acids that your body needs to knit together the proteins that make up your Lean Muscle Tissue, making it an extremely “Bioavailable” dietary protein.   This means you’re a more well recovered, leaner, meaner machine.  Whey Protein has even been shown, in studies, significant increases in both Lean Body Mass and Strength in men who use it as a dietary supplement when compared with those who don’t supplement with Whey (http://bit.ly/S10XQX).   

The next thing to consider is which form of Whey to use.  I can say that my favorite type of whey to use is, by far, American Pure Whey 100% Whey Isolate.  There are a few reasons for this:

-Whey Isolate is the purest form of whey protein available and contains between 90-95% protein.
-Whey Isolate is low in Fat and Carbohydrates so it can fit into diets with a diverse set of goals.
-Whey Isolate is extremely digestible as it is extremely low in lactose, resulting in less bloat and gas.
-Whey Isolate is the purest form of whey protein available.
-Whey Isolate is ideal for both muscle building and fat loss.
   For me, a big part of why I choose American Pure Whey 100% Whey Isolate is how I utilize it in my diet.  I supplement my protein intake with Whey Isolate at the two times of the day that my body is most catabolic: In the morning and intraworkout.  My daily routine consists of some Low Intensity Steady State(LISS) cardio every morning.  Keeping this cardio up year-round helps me stay lean so that i have much less fat to lose pre-contest but also puts me at risk for entering into catabolism and burning through some of the lean mass that I work so hard to build.  For this reason I choose a whey protein shake both intraworkout and every morning for breakfast made with at least 2 full servings of American Pure Whey 100% Whey Isolate.  My personal preference is for the Cinnamon Bun Flavor.  This stuff tastes AMAZING and mixes incredibly well with just about any fruit or nut butter.   There’s also the added benefit of Cinnamon which has been shown in studies to increase insulin sensitivity (http://bit.ly/PDMZ7S).  

My typical breakfast shake:

 The only major downside to using a Whey Isolate is that, as the purest and most refined form of whey protein,  these supplements tend to cost a bit more.  Luckily you’ve found American Pure Whey, which offers what I’ve found to be the most cost effective quality Whey Isolate on the market.  They offer great discounts on higher volume purchases so you don’t have to waste your time (or kitchen storage space!) with endless half-full full tubs.  The best part is that APW hasn’t used this as an excuse to skimp on the flavors, meaning that you get the best bang for your buck and don’t have to sacrifice enjoyment of your diet for it!   You can check out the great deals they

offer here: http://www.americanpurewhey.com/whey-isolate-01.html

Till Next Time, GET RIPPED!

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